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Tuesday, April 2nd 2013


Hello from the South!

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I originally tried to post this last night (Mon., April 1), but ran into some technical snags. In the meantime I've gotten some great new pictures, but they'll have to wait for the next entry. 

Greetings from 30°21'36" latitude North, 87°10'41" longitude West! It's not quite as warm here as if we had gone a little further east, in which case we could also have gone further south to where it's even warmer, but it's definitely warm enough to take some plunges in the gulf and to feel better all around. As soon as shade, air conditioning, and sun screen become matters of conversation, you know that you're somewhere where being human makes a whole lot more sense. I certainly react to warmer weather very positively (though obviously I'll complain about the heat in July).

Yesterday I went for a couple of swims at the little beach here by our hotel. The water was pretty cold, but once your body gets numb you don't notice it too much. Today we drove a little bit to get to a big beach to look for shells. I thought it would be best to focus on the area where the waves are breaking. So, I was walking along, with bare feet, wearing cut-offs and a t-shirt, carrying my camera bag, when a wave came along that was not paying attention to how far all the other waves had gone, and I suddenly found myself up to my chest in water. This was terribly funny except that everything in my pockets and my camera bag got soaked, including the camera and an extra lens, and it's no longer working. After extensive attempts at drying once we were back, it not only still didn't work made exploding noises when I pushed down on the trigger. That would be good for guns, but not helpful for cameras. I don't know whether, given enough time, it'll work again. If not (and I'm afraid that may be the reality), it's good-bye to my Canon digital SLR, which does not make me happy in the least. At least I still have a good phone camera, for now, for snapshot use. 

On the other hand, there was a bright side to the moment. Since I was soaked already, I decided that I might as well go all the way in; so I took off everything but the cut-offs and tried to find shells right inside the waves. (Yeah, right. That's what we call a "pretext.") The waves were big enough to do real body surfing, as I hadn't in many, many years, and it was great. As I've said several times on this blog, I love the water and swimming, partially because it always makes me feel so much less restricted, partially, of course, just because I like it.

The trip down here was extremely wearying. The Interstate was in stop-and-go mode all the way down from Indianapolis to just north of Nashville, where we finally called it quits after spending nine or so hours to go 330 miles (or so); then the next day, it went smoothly, except for the stretch between Birmingham and Montgomery, Alabama, where we must have averaged 25 mph again.

As you can see by the picture below, we have nice accommodations, going as we usually do with one of the Choice Hotel brands, which makes the cost about half compared to anything else around (and, I think, thereby deserving of the plug :) ).

View from our window


View from our room's window to the pool area.
Click for larger picture.

Sail boats docked next to our cove.
Click for larger picture.

Beach walk

Walk through the dunes to the beach.
Click for larger picture.

Heron on the beach in our cove. If you touch it
it may fly away!

Please do not disturb!


Pelican. Endangered Species.
Best not click on it.

Click for larger picture.

More waves

Even  more waves

Wave getting closer.
Click for larger picture.

Wave just about on top of you.
Click for larger picture--if you want to get wet!



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