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Wednesday, April 10th 2013


Heading back North.


As Willie would sing, "On the road again." Heading back home after a good time in and around Gulf Breeze, Florida. Do I feel like a new and different person now? Of course not. Do I feel that I had a worthwhile break from the routine in Indiana? Definitely. It was badly needed and it was, as far as I can tell, effective. Not that every day doesn't have some stresses, regardless of the circumstances, but it's good to have one set replace another. There's lots to tell, and even more pictures. For now, I'll just post a few of them highlighting some of the things that we occupied ourselves with when we wanted to be occupied with anything.

Cove sunsetWe spent quite a bit of time just sitting in our cove, watching the water, the little waves, the pelicans, and the occasional sunset (which was pretty much limited to one per day). We also watched the same sun go down from the restaurant attached to the hotel--nice place, normal prices. One could sit inside, outside on a veranda, or--for those wanting the best of both--on a porch enclosed with a screen. That was where we usually sat when we went there to eat. June suggested that I try to take a picture with my phone camera of the setting. The ones that I took straight out of the porch through the screen did not turn out all that well, but I think that the ones taken of the reflection on the windows of the inside part of the restaurant captured the natural ambience quite nicely.



Restaurant 1Restaurant 2

Another place where we ate a couple of times was the Dog House Deli in nearby Pensacola Beach.

Dog House Deli

Speaking of Pensacola Beach, on several days we drove the few minutes to get to the larger beach, bigger waves, and abundance of sea shells that out-did what was present in our cove. On Tuesday, our last day, the surf was really high--too high for the local authorities to permit swimming in it, which disappointed me a bit. That day June made her own sand castle, smaller in scale than my earlier one, but also with lots more details. She also told me the locations of all the secret passages in the structure, but I don't remember them well enough to mark them for you. Besides I don't want you attacking it anyway. There is a monster in the moat.

June building sand castleJune's sand castle

In the meantime, I went walking with a net to catch shells as they first came to the beach. Was I successful? Look at the finds in June's containers.

Shell nettingSea Shells

The greater Gulf Breeze area has a zoo, and we visited it one day. Now, I'm not going to make you look at lots of pictures of zoo animals (yet), but the encounter between a peacock and a peahen is definitely worth documenting here. So, there was this peacock walking around an open area, and a female of his species showed up. Naturally, he went into his courting position.


Peacock showing feathers

However, it turned out that she really did not seem very interested in his display. Even as he went through his back-end wiggling routine, she ignored him and walked off to pursue her, no doubt, deeper intellectual interest.

Peacock and Peahen 1Peacock and Peahen

One final place I want to mention in this update is called the Gulfarium, located about an hour east of Gulf Breeze on a little island. It's a relatively small establishment presenting dolphin and sea lion shows and showing off various members of the local fauna. The first two pictures speak for themselves. The close-up of the dolphin was taken by June. In the third one I'm holding a yellow-crested cockatoo, who represents, I just learned, a slightly smaller version of the sulfur-crested cockatoo. His name was Charlie, and he said "hello!", but not much more. Still, that was more than the tortoises came out with.

Dolphin 1

Dolphin 2Yellow-crested Cockatoo

Until next time!

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