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Friday, April 12th 2013


Back Home! Quick Update.

  • STATE OF EXISTENCE: Good, though pretty tired out.

Back home again, where spring is just beginning to make its initial moves. Driving back up north was like going through three seasons: summer in Florida and Alabama, spring in Tenessee and Kentucky, late winter in Indiana.

It didn't touch me on the return from the last trip, which was to Boston, but this time I really missed Poly's (our late cat's) antics when we would return: the way he would try to show that he was angry with us for having been gone while trying to hide how happy he was that we were back. After a couple of hours, the second part would have taken over completely.

We didn't quite make it home yesterday as we had thought. Just past Nashville we got into a horrendous rain storm that just wouldn't quit. Driving when you can only see clearly three car-lengths ahead of yourself gets pretty wearying, so we hung it up for one more night a little south of Louisville and finished today.

Please pray for Nick and Meghan as Nick wound up in the emergency room of the hospital for the second time this week with out-of-control blood pressure. So far, the doctors are only treating the numbers, but there's got to be a cause that suddenly brought this on, and it's not from having eaten too much spicy food. On Tuesday he has an appointment with a doctor in Ft. Wayne, who treated him (and did so well) when he had what appeared to be Wegner's a few years ago, though that condition, if he had it, went into remission. As far as June and I are concerned, it meant having barely unloaded the pickup before heading out to Blackford County to see Nick and Meghan, first at the hospital, then for a while at their place. It also means that we will not drive up to Michigan on Sunday for June's mom's surgery on Monday since we need to be on hand for them.  

I'm thankful to the Lord for his protection on this trip. Travel safety is something we should never take for granted (James 4:13).

 White Pea Hen

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