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Friday, June 17th 2016


Lycos.com and Tripod.com in a Coma. Requesting Some Assistance!

  • STATE OF EXISTENCE: Somewhat Frustrated in a Pickle.

For some unknown reason Tripod/Lycos has been inaccessible for the last several days. I house most of my on-line pictures with them, as well the majority of my subdirectorysites, including the presently growing series on PHI  and the all-encompassing www.wincorduan.com,  I also cannot get to their administrative sites, and my e-mails seem to vanish in the ether. From what I've been able to test, the problem lies with neither my computer nor any browser.  I have no idea what's going on with them, and I hope that the issue will be fixed pretty quickly. 

In the meantime, a lot of material is missing, such as quite a few pictures in this blog. I will try to transfer to Bravenet as much a I can as soon as I can; much of it is stored in my "local" files that I can re-upload, but some things are in their appropriate form only on Tripod. Obviously, I can't transfer those until I get access to them.  I guess that if I do get access to them again, I won't need to transfer them, but it may not be a bad idea to have important thinks saved in several places. 

So, please, be patient with me about the absence of certain illustrations and some resource sites. And, if you happen to think of it, would you please from time to time check either one of these addresses, both of which will send you to slightly different versions of my home page:

 www.wincorduan.com or win_corduan.tripod.com,

and let me know if you actually got through.

I will do the same of course, but someone else may be the first to find that we're hooked up with Tripod again. 

Mr. Lycos or Mr. Tripod (or whatever your names are), would you please 1) acknowledge my existence, 2) fix this mess, 3) show me what I can do--if anything--to help fix this mess, and 4) give me a prorated refund for the sizable amount of money I spend on you. 

Thanks, everyone!

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