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Thursday, March 25th 2010


Paper has posted retraction on-line!!


Sadly, I need to reproduce the following press release from Seth and Amber in reaction to a story in a local newspaper that not only blamed them for an unfortunate condition, but also attempted to destroy their reputation and that of their kennel. I am asking my friends and former colleagues at Taylor in particular, to please heed the commandment, "Thou shalt not bear false witness against your neighbor," even if the particular reporter did not abide by it.



March 25, 2010

This press release shall serve as a response to an inquiry from reporter, Nick Werner, from the Muncie Star Press regarding the home located at 501 W. Mill Street, Gaston, Indiana 47342, where authorities are investigating the filthy conditions of that home.  While Seth and Amber Corduan own the Mill Street home, they have continuously rented the home to tenant, Chari Patterson, since October 2008.  The Corduans have not been to the Mill Street home since they moved out in September 2007, and had absolutely no idea of its present condition.  The Corduans are known in the community for their love of dogs and cats and for owning and operating the PineAcre Kennel which has been in business for more than fifty (50) years.  For almost the last three (3) years, the Corduans and PineAcre Kennel have worked with various rescue operationzations, including but not limited to: Animal Rescue Fund (ARF), Casa del Toro, Pit Bull Rescue in Indianapolis and Loiusville Wemaraner Rescue to provide care and boarding at reduced rates.

Respectfully submitted,
Seth and Amber Corduan of
PineAcre Kennels

One of the most fundamental rules of journalism is to consult a second source for any story. In this case, the only reasonable second source would have been Seth and Amber. Mr. Werner (whose phone number is 765-213-5832) placed one voice message while Seth and Amber were feeding the dogs, from where they immediately went to agility training. The first time that they heard about the story was in the newspaper in the morning. The paper has posted a retraction on-line. Whether anything will appear in print tomorrow, either the same retraction or their news release, is to be seen.

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